Less invasive treatment in special indications

Dental implants are anchored in the jaw bone like natural teeth

If there is not enough bone available, a bone augmentation procedure is a method that is currently used. However, under certain conditions – which must be evaluated by your dentist – this procedure can be skipped.

Roxolid®1 - a unique material developed by Straumann for dental implants that offers even more strength than titanium implants. In this context, more strength means that the implant is able to bear a greater load.

Straumann® implants made from Roxolid® can be used when smaller implants are necessary due to insufficient bone.

1 Whether a bone graft procedure can be avoided or not is a decision the dentist has to make upon the medical evaluation of each individual patient.

Shorter procedure, reduced treatment time

With the option to use smaller implants and avoid a bone augmentation procedure, treatment time may be reduced as the surgery requires fewer steps.

Protecting vital bone

By using smaller implants, this leaves more vital bone, better blood flow, and more soft tissue around the implant. These conditions are vital for the successful integration of the implant and its longevity.  

1 List of scientific references: www.straumann.com/roxolidref