Straumann® Patient Pro

The plus for your business

Straumann® Patient Pro is a holistic marketing solution that supports current trends in how a patient seeks information. It provides you with the right tools and patient marketing material for your dental practice, website and social media channels. 
Our scheme helps to address patient concerns, which in turn helps you to guide them towards making the right decision. Patients and customers only want the best, and when a patient's needs are truly met, they will go on to become great advocates of your practice and Straumann premium solutions.

An introductory tour of Straumann® Patient Pro

Patient Pro for IDS 2015

More than a marketing solution. The best information source for your patients.

Patient Pro offers you tools throughout the four stages of a patient journey, from considering the different treatment options available to becoming an advocate of implant treatment and your practice.

Digital Pro - Supporting Consideration

  • Digital content for your website and email marketing activities
    • Download via Digital Pro. Watch how you access it here.
    • Content includes
      • Waiting room videos
      • Treatment animations
      • Treatment images
      • Lifestyle images
      • Text and layout suggestions for your website and e-newsletter.
  • Your may be entitled to a listing on Straumann's Dentist Finder, hosted on our own patient information website. Terms apply.

Practice Pro - Supporting Evaluation

  • Patient-friendly brochures for use in your practice and during consultations. Request literature online via the eShop.
  • Buy marketing materials, badges, plaques, models and much more on eShop
  • Download waiting room movies via Digital Pro to showcase possible treatments. Watch how you access it here.
  • Use the free Straumann Patient App to support your treatment discussions

Patient Relation Pro - Supporting Experience

  • Our patient-friendly brochures include aftercare leaflets and our Implant Passport. Request copies online via the eShop.
  • The Implant Passport records the details of the implants and abutments used.
  • Aftercare leaflets for use after implant treatment and Straumann Emdogain

Engagement Pro - Supporting Advocacy

  • Our online marketing guide give hints on tips for getting online reviews.
  • Remember, simply asking patients to recommend you to their friends costs nothing, and can go a long way.