Biomaterials - When one option is not enough

Decades of experience in dentistry and regeneration made us understand and meet the diversity of needs, indications and preferences. The right solution in implantology and periodontology is designed to fit the individual. Straumann offers an exceptional range of biomaterials that meet your and your patients’ expectations.

Engineered to predictably and reliably regenerate soft and hard tissue , this expanding range of flexible solutions is designed to provide patients with the functional and aesthetic result they desire. It is the total solution for regeneration that can potentially elevate the patient experience and your practice success.

Bone Substitutes

botiss cerabone®

botiss maxgraft® bonering

botiss maxresorb® inject

botiss maxgraft® granules

botiss maxgraft® bonebuilder

botiss maxresorb®




Straumann distributes both its own regenerative products and those of botiss biomaterials GmbH in seleceted countries under the name "Biomaterials@Straumann®".
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