Hand instruments to support bone and tissue grafting

To support you in using our range of biomaterials, Straumann offers a range of hand instruments used in bone and tissue grafting procedures, including instruments from Hu-Friedy.

Founded in 1908, Hu-Friedy is a world leader in dental instrument manufacturing, focused on delivering the highest quality product to help dental professionals perform at their best.


Our range includes:

  • Bone grafting tools
  • Membrane tools
  • Scissors
  • Scalpel handles
  • Tissue Pliers
  • Needle Holders
  • Osteotomes

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Botiss Titan Pin Set


  • Comfortable grip for easy uptake of titan pins
  • Functional design
  • Safe and easy opening by single-hand control
  • Suitable for resorbable and non-resorbable membranes


Product Specifications

GBBO-440000 titan pin set

  • 1 × applicator
  •  1 × dispenser for 15 titan pins
  • 1 × titan pins 3 mm (10 pieces)

GBBO-440310 titan pins 3 mm (10 pieces)

All parts are delivered unsterile and need to be sterilized before use.