Straumann® CARES® CADCAM offers you freedom to achieve reliable, efficient, and esthetic prosthetic solutions through various connections for your customized restoration. You can access prosthetics through:

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Precision and more efficiency than ever

High-precision prosthetic elements, strong technical support and connectivity are key components for a CADCAM System. The Straumann® CARES® System gives you access to the leading material and functionality range of CARES® prosthetic solutions from our CADCAM workflow, which builds on our high-precision scanner, a versatile and open CAD software, and our precision milling technology.

Our CARES® Visual Software is based on a leading dental design software platform, allowing our customers to standardize processes and benefit from an extensive professional experience and a broad network. Straumann® CARES® customers can produce prosthetic solutions inside the validated Straumann workflow or by connecting to an external workflow. The validated workflow inside the Straumann CARES® System is seamless, which makes it simple to use. When connecting to the external workflow, customers can rely on the same design tools provided by the open standard platform of the CARES® Visual software.

With CARES® Visual, we now offer our customers more functionality for CARES® prosthetic solutions than ever, while at the same time providing connectivity to external workflows.