Straumann® Retentive Anchors

The time-proven solution based on the well-established ball and socket principle with titanium and gold matrices.

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Retentive Anchors


1.    Snap fastener principle – enables the denture to be inserted and removed easily
2.    Different matrices – individual retention solutions as required (gold, titanium or elliptical matrices)
  • Hygiene solution – by using components made entirely out of metal, optimal conditions for good hygiene are given
  • Adjustable retention force – depending on the patient's requirements, the retention force can be adapted. (Elliptical Matrix only)
  • Modular design – the lamella insert can be replaced easily (Elliptical Matrix only)
Three matrix types are available for the bearing attachment in the prosthesis:
1.    The Elliptic Matrix with individually activated gold lamella insert, which can be exchanged as needed
2.    The Titanium Matrix with exchangeable lock washer
3.    The proven Gold Matrix

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