Straumann® Variobase Family

Straumann® Variobase® offers you extended resto­ration options with maximum design freedom.

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Variobase® for Crowns
  • Newly available in gingiva heights of 2 mm and 3 mm (in addition to 1 mm height) to meet esthetic requirements
  • 3.5 mm and 5.5 mm abutment height providing maximum design flexibility
  • Abutment height 5.5 mm can be tailored down to 3.5 mm
  • Saving time by skipping sandblasting process
  • Pressing or casting techniques – Easily and accurately wax up the prosthetic restoration with the Burn-out Copings
  • Digitally produced restorations – Choose from a variety of possibilities, whether you own a CARES® system or not

Variobase® for Crown AS (Angled Solution)
  • Designed to meet esthetic and functional requirements
  • Allows to tilt the screw channel of the restoration up to 25° in all directions compared to the implant axis
  • Small screw channel diameter in order to leave more space for restoration and reduce risk of chipping
  • Proven Straumann conical screw connection and insertion torque of with 35 Ncm provide strong retentive power
  • 3.5 mm and 5.5 mm abutment height providing maximum design flexibility
  • One self-retaining screwdriver for all Straumann® platforms
  • Anterior and posterior indications
  • Digitally produced restorations via CARES® X-Stream™ workflow
  • Pressing or casting techniques – easily and accurately wax up the prosthetic restoration with the Burn-out Copings

Variobase® for Bridge/Bar
Enjoy the excellent Straumann product performance now also for your multi-unit restorations of straight and tilted Straumann implants.
  • Variobase® can be used to compensate up to 30° divergence between two implants; Variobase® copings can be used in combination with Straumann® Screw-retained Abutments to compensate larger divergence.

Variobase® for Bridge/Bar Cylindrical
A reliable restoration is essential for your and your customer’s peace of mind. Variobase® for Bridge/Bar Cylindrical combines reliability with flexibility.
  • Upper cylindrical shape supports a reliable bonding result
  • Lower non-engaging conical shape allows to compensate high angulations to the implant

Variobase® C
The chair-side workflow for implant-borne prosthetics lets you restore your implant cases in a remarkably quick, efficient and cost-effective way.

Thanks to our cooperation with Sirona, Straumann® Variobase® C is now available in the Sirona software. With this option you can fully use the benefits of the chair-side implant workflow, plus you get the original Straumann® implant-abutment connection and a harmonized emergence profile for Bone Level Implant platforms.

The original implant-abutment connection

Rely on the perfect design harmony between Straumann implants and their corresponding prosthetic components. Benefit from the Straumann® original connection for:
  • Perfectly matching components
  • Reliability through proven long-term clinical evidence
  • Excellent service and support
  • 10-year Straumann® Guarantee1

Abutment design makes the difference for your patient

Our improved Bone Level NC and RC Variobase® C design provides an optimized emergence profile, intended to support the best possible esthetic outcome of your restoration. Additionally your patients can benefit from an easier cleaning procedure due to the concave collar design.
  • NC and RC Bone Level Variobase® C
    • Increased gingiva height of 1 mm
    • Concave collar design
  • NC Bone Level Variobase® C
    • Reduced platform diameter from Ø 4.5 down to Ø 3.8 mm

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