More than solid – Roxolid®.
Reducing invasiveness.

Increasing patient acceptance and offering more treatment options through smaller and stronger implants.

Roxolid® is a high performance alloy, specifically designed to offer higher strength than pure titanium and excellent osseointegration capabilities. Roxolid® offers more treatment options with smaller and stronger implants.


  • Increase patient treatment acceptance
  • More treatment options
  • Ground breaking material
  • Validated clinical performance
  • Roxolid® Lifetime Plus Guarantee

Increase patient acceptance with less invasive treatment plans.

Dental implants are a well-established and predictable treatment option to replace missing teeth. Nevertheless, many patients are reluctant to face an implant treatment and are apprehensive if they require a bone augmentation procedure.


Avoiding invasive grafting procedures with Roxolid® offers numerous benefits:1,2
  • Minimize patient anxiety with shorter treatment times
  • Faster healing and less post-operative discomfort with smaller and shorter implants
  • Smaller-sized implants protect vital structures and vascularization
  • Minimize the mental hurdle with lower treatment costs

Elke Z., Germany, received Roxolid® implants five years ago.

"I was afraid that bone would have to be transplanted. The implant I have now, was like a gift for me."

More treatment options with small diameter and shorter Implants.

Straumann® Bone Level
titanium Ø 4.1 mm

Straumann® Bone Level
Roxolid® Ø 3.3 mm

Roxolid® reduced-diameter implants offer more treatment options with smaller and stronger implants. You can offer your patients a solution designed to fit to their individual needs.4

  • More indications with Roxolid® Ø 3.3‰ mm implants*:
    – Single tooth restorations in the anterior and premolar region
    – Bridges on two Roxolid® Ø ‰3.3‰ mm Implants
    – Full denture on two Roxolid® Ø 3.3‰ mm Implants
  • Multiple advantages of Roxolid® reduced diameter implants**:
    – Reduced drilling – preserve vital structures and vascularization
    – Easier placement – saving time and patient discomfort
    – Better fit in narrow spaces – leading to reduced treatment complexity

* compared to Straumann titanium Ø 3.3 mm implants / ** compared to their regular-diameter counterparts

Straumann®                      Roxolid®
Standard length               SLActive®
Titanium Implant            4 mm Short

Straumann® has also developed a Roxolid® 4 mm short implant, the shortest screw-type implant with internal connection on the market. This provides even more treatment options.

  • Perfectly suitable for the treatment of partially and fully edentulous patients with very limited vertical bone availability in the posterior region.
  • Possibility to treat patients without complex vertical bone augmentations.

Ground breaking material. Stronger than titanium.

Higher tensile strength9

Roxolid® is a metal alloy composed of 15 % zirconium and 85 % titanium. The combination of these two metals leads to a material with a higher tensile and fatigue strength than comparable titanium implants.

Standard titanium grade 4           Straumann® titanium grade 4•                 Straumann® Roxolid®

Incremental fatigue strength per implant type10

Roxolid® SLActive® (Ø 3.3 mm) Implants show a higher fatigue strength in comparison to titanium SLActive® Implants.





Higher fatigue strength of Roxolid® SLActive®

BL NC = Bone Level Implant Narrow Crossfit®
BLT NC = Bone Level Tapered Implant Narrow Crossfit®
TL RN S = Tissue Level Regular Neck Standard Implant
TL RN SP = Tissue Level Regular Neck Standard Plus Implant
TL RN TE = Tissue Level Regular Neck Tapered Effect Implant

Validated clinical performance. Results you can rely on.

The successful use of Roxolid® implants has been documented in numerous clinical indications.6

There was no statistically significant difference between the crestal bone level changes for Roxolid® compared to titanium implants five years after implant placement.

Randomized Multi-Center study with 5’ years follow-up.2

Bone level change

Implant survival

Roxolid® Lifetime Plus Guarantee. Our quality. Your assurance.

We have so much confidence in the quality and durability of every Roxolid® implant, that we offer an industry leading guarantee:

  • Covers implant and part of the treatment costs
  • Sets new standards


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