More than a surgical cassette. An efficient workflow.

surgical kitS for Straumann implants

All our cassettes are simple to use thanks to clear navigation*
  • distinct color-coded workflows
  • implant line identification
  • instrument pictograms at each step
Maximum functionality and convenience
  • all planning aids and auxiliary instruments are readily accessible in a lower tray without obstructing the workflows


Kits available

Most customers use the full surgical cassette, as demonstrated in the video above
  • Full Surgical Cassette (non-guided, for TL/BL and BLT lines)
  • Compact Surgical Cassette (single-system solution)
  • Guided Surgery Cassettes
  • Proclean Cassette

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Upper tray - full surgical cassette

Since April 2017, the tray supplied contains additional blue tap and profile holes for the 2.9mm BLT implant (not shown in the image below)

* The Straumann® Surgical Cassette is designed for secure storage and sterilization of surgical instruments and auxiliary parts of the Straumann® Dental Implant System. Please refer to the instructions for use Non-sterile surgical instruments, Art. No. 701124 and the brochure Care and maintenance of surgical and prosthetic instruments, Art. No. 152.008.