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Perfect match

Harmonized design combined with very high manufacturing precision

The perfect match in every respect

Straumann® knows the exact dimensions, tolerances and material composition of its implants, and can therefore optimally harmonize the design between Straumann® implants and their corresponding Straumann® prosthetic components.

High-precision manufacturing and an exceedingly thorough inspection process ensure consistent quality of all original Straumann® components.

The original Straumann® implant-abutment interface - remarkable permanence and durability you can fully rely on.

Compatible is not original

Third party manufacturers attempt to copy Straumann® prosthetic components but cannot equal clinical* performance. Compromises such as poor connection between the implant and abutment can lead to complications. Practitioners therefore should insist on genuine Straumann® components.

* Wittneben JG, Buser D, Salvi GE, Bürgin W: Complication and failure rates with implant-supported fixed dental prostheses and single crowns: A 10 y retrospective study. Clin Implant Dent Relat Res 2013; (E-pub ahead of print).

Excellent mechanical performance

Convincing fatigue test study results

Convincing fatigue test study results

The perfect match of Straumann® implants and abutments results in an excellent fatigue test performance.

This is highlighted by the following study in which the effect of screw loosening was investigated for both original and non-original implant / abutment connections.

Screw loosening after cyclic loading1
Removal torque value after cyclic loading:
The original Straumann® abutment-implant system shows the smallest effect of screw loosening – reflected by the highest removal torque2 after cyclic loading.
All Straumann® abutments passed the test successfully whereas part of the tested 3rd party abutments caused failures.
Test method:
  • Abutments were tightened on the implants with 35 Ncm
  • Cyclic loading with 150 N at 30° for 1 million cycles was applied
  • Removal torque values were measured after cyclic loading
  • For more information see original publication in pubmed

1 Kim SK, Koak JY, Heo JS, Taylor TD, Ryoo S, Lee SY: Screw loosening with interchangeable abutments in internally connected implants after cyclic loading. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants 2012; 27:42-47.

2 Results for Straumann abutments on Straumann implants are statistically different from those with non-original parts.

Photos courtesy of Prof. JS Heo, Seoul.

Clinical evidence

Trust in a clinical long-term proven system

Trust in a clinical long-term proven system

With an almost 40-year clinical success story, Straumann® implants and their corresponding Straumann® prosthetic components have proven to stand the test of time – in an impressive and convincing way.

Thanks to consistent evidence-based research, continuous optimizations and our passion for quality, we have made a crucial contribution to making implant dentistry safer.

A 10-year retrospective study on Straumann® original prosthetic components3
Straumann® original4 prosthetic components show excellent long-term clinical performance.
A 97 % success rate that Straumann® original prosthetic secondary components show after 10 years underlines the exemplary attributes of Straumann® components.
Test method:
  • 10-year retrospective clinical study to assess the rate of mechanical and technical complications and failures with implant-supported fixed dental prostheses
  • Prosthetic restorations on all 388 surviving Straumann® Tissue Level Implants were assessed
  • The implants had been restored with original Straumann® components between May 1997 and January 2001 in the University of Bern
  • For more info see original publication in pubmed

3 Wittneben JG, Buser D, Salvi GE, Bürgin W: Complication and failure rates with implant-supported fixed dental prostheses and single crowns: A 10 y retrospective study. Clin Implant Dent Relat Res 2013; (E-pub ahead of print).

4 pers. comm. Dr. Wittneben: For 278 out of the 303 patients 100% original Straumann® prosthetic components could be verified, 25 patients could not be reached anymore as dentists were retired.

Classic programme

Availability of prosthetic components for old Straumann® implants assured

Availability of prosthetic components for old Straumann® implants assured

With Straumann® Classic we take care of millions of patients worldwide, who have had placed Straumann® implants with original Straumann® prosthetic components. By making available exactly matching prosthetic components for all our implants from as early as 1974, patients, dentists and dental labs can put aside one considerable source of trouble in repeat restorations.

Prosthetic rehabilitation of a Straumann® implant type F
Initial situation:

Occlusal screw fracture of a 24-year old Straumann® Type-F implant in regio 21. The screw fragment was stuck in the implant thread. The former dentist assumed prosthetic components were no longer available and solved the case with a clasp prosthesis. The patient was unhappy with this situation and therefore asked for a better solution.

Treatment plan:

The screw fragment was removed with support from Straumann®. Thanks to the Straumann® Classic program, the implant could be provided with the required prosthetic components.

Final result:

The case was restored with a state-of-the-art all-ceramic crown.

For more details see:

Starget article 03/13


Service excellence

Exceptional service and support including the Straumann® Guarantee

Enjoy an exceptional service and support once you decide on Straumann® original components

Straumann® Guarantee

Straumann® Guarantee
Benefit from the Straumann® Guarantee* as we grant you:
  • a lifetime guarantee for implants
  • a 10-year guarantee for metal restorations and
  • a 5-year guarantee for ceramic restorations

* For applicable terms and conditions of the Straumann® Guarantee (including the Guarantee territory), please refer to the Guarantee brochure (152.360/en) or visit your local Straumann® website

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