Straumann Guarantee

As part of our rigorous post-market surveillance program, Straumann welcomes feedback about our products. In order to allow us to learn as much as possible about how our products perform under actual use, as well as to assist us in complying with our regulatory reporting responsibilities, we ask that you complete and submit the Straumann Guarantee Online Questionnaire.

Upon receipt, Straumann will review your feedback, assess the returned product and determine whether the product meets the defined conditions for replacement under the Straumann Guarantee.  When all necessary information and the product is received, replacement product can be provided in a timely manner.

If you have any queries, please don't hesistate to contact our Customer Services department on +44 (0)1293 651240.

How to sumbit a product issue - pictorial

1. Access the Self-Service section of the eshop, and log on.

    If you are not registered with an eshop account, please select "I am a new user" to start the registration service.

2. Select "New Return/Product Issue/Feedback" from the left-hand menu

3. Select the service you require, and follow the step-by-step process

4. Returning your product

If you are returning product as part of a return, or as part of a product issue, please inlcude a printout of the online form, and return to our Crawley Office:

Customer Services
Straumann UK Ltd
3 Pegasus Place
Gatwick Road
RH10 9AY

Guarantee Term Implant Abutment attached to an implant*
Tooth- and implant-supported restoration** 
5 Year Guarantee


with equivalent ceramic abutment including
ceramic screw-retained
bars and bridges**
with equivalent ceramic
10 Year Guarantee


Novaloc® Abutments, replaced with equivalent Novaloc® Abutment****
Replacement with equivalent metal screw-retained bars and bridges**
with equivalent metal
restoration and
resin nano ceramic
Lifetime Guarantee Replacement with equivalent implant and equivalent abutment, if finalized. Replacement with equivalent metal abutment 


Roxolid® Lifetime + Guarantee Replacement with equivalent implant and equivalent abutment, if necessary. Additionally, for Straumann® Roxolid® Implants a treatment compensation in the amount of GBP700 for the UK (EUR1000 for republic of Ireland) if implant fractures (reported after 1 January 2016).





* Valid as of September 1, 2016
** excluding consumable products and retentive products such as ball anchors.
*** including Straumann® CARES® copings, full contour crowns and bridges. EXCLUDING all other products offered by Straumann, particularly Straumann® CARES®, inlays, onlays, veneers, partial crowns and Straumann® CARES® Guided Surgery products.
**** excluding any matrices and inserts as they are subject to natural wear and tear.