Reduced Invasiveness

Straumann® BLT ∅ 2.9 mm – the SmallOne. Small, strong and enduring.

Dedicated small-diameter implant having all to inspire trust in an implant solution for narrow interdental spaces or ridges: Less invasive and truly reliable with a pleasing outcome. See more.

More than solid – Roxolid®. Reducing Invasiveness

Roxolid® is an alloy of ~85 % titanium and ~15 % zirconium. The combination of the properties of these two metals leads to higher tensile and fatigue strength than comparable titanium implants.

The use of Roxolid® Implants can help to reduce surgical invasiveness, to shorten treatment time with more immediate prosthetic place¬ment, and offer more treatment options with increased patient acceptance for the clinical practice.

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Straumann®Standard Plus 4 mm Short Implant.

The new Straumann® Short Implant is Straumann’s shortest implant. This implant has 5 years of proven clinical data in the posterior regions, where limited vertical bone is available.

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