Full Guided Drilling

Efficiency during the surgical procedure

  • Guided Surgery instruments are used for a fully guided implant bed preparation in combination with a surgical template containing Surgical Sleeve.
  • They are used according to the Surgical Protocol provided by the planning software and support for saving chair times during the surgical procedure.
  • Guided Surgery assists you in performing minimally invasive surgery and may thus result in a less painful procedure for the patient.

Straumann® Guided Drill

  • The  Guided Drill has a specific design with a collar for a physical depth control through the Drill Handle.

Straumann® Drill Handle

  • The Drill Handle has an ergonomic design with color-code and symbol-marked. The Drill Handle cylinder fits into the Sleeve and ensures a drilling guidance.

Kits to suit your needs

  • TL/BL combined kit
  • Single-system kits for TL, BL or BLT

Guided Cassette for TL/BL