Implant Placement under Guided Conditions

Guided Implants

Straumann® Guided Implants have a special Transfer Piece that fits the Surgical Sleeve for fully guided implant insertion including physical depth control and gives peace of mind during the surgical procedure.

  • Guided Transfer Piece - The Guided Transfer Piece fits with the Surgical Sleeve and ensures a fully guided implant insertion with a physical depth control with the stop key.
  • Surgical Sleeve - The surgical template contains the Surgical Sleeve that guides the surgical instruments and the implant for a precise guided surgery procedure.
  • Orientation for Bone Level implants - The marking on the Bone Level Guided Transfer Piece allows you to visualize the implant connection position.
  • Available as Roxolid SLActive implants for Tissue Level (S, SP, TE), Bone Level and Bone Level Tapered in 8mm, 10mm and 12mm lengths.

Guided Adaptors

Straumann also offers adaptors to enable 4mm, 6mm, 14mm and 16mm implants from most of the range to be placed under guided conditions.

Exceptions: It is not possible to place WN Tissue Level implants, Small Diameter Implants (SDI), or Ceramic Monotype Implants (CIM) using Guided Adaptors.

Laser markings on the Straumann® Guided Adapter are provided for identification. Please be aware that the correct Straumann® Guided Adapter must be used for the corresponding implant type. Using the wrong guided adapter type could result in placing the implant deeper than planned.

Adaptors are available for handpiece or ratchet and for the following platforms:

  • Standard Tissue Level (S)
  • Standard Plus Tissue Level, Tapered Effect Tissue Level and Narrow Neck Crossfit (SP, NNC, TE)
  • Bone Level and Bone Level Tapered (BL, BLT)

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