Pilot drilling

By using only Ø 2.2 drill sleeves and pilot drills to create Guided Pilot osteotomies, drill handles are not required.

2.2 mm Drill Sleeve Protocol Overview

  • After opening the gingiva and placing the surgical template, begin basic implant bed preparation by preparing the alveolar ridge using a Round Bur.
  • The implant bed is then prepared with the pilot drills.
  • The guided basic implant bed preparation ends here.
  • Continue with the guided basic implant bed preparation of the remaining implant sites.
  • After pilot drilling, remove the surgical template and follow the conventional procedure for widening the implant bed and implant placement.
  • See also full protocol (Section 3.4 of the Guided Surgery Step-by-Step)

2.2 mm drill sleeve - item 046.712

Pilot Guided Surgery Kit 2.2 mm

With 2.2 mm Drill Sleeves

Using 2.2 mm Pilot Drills through 2.2mm Guided Sleeves.

Kits are available for TL/BL and/or BLT lines and contain:

  • Three 2.2 mm Pilot Drills (Short, Medium, Long)
    • Short - Guided length 16mm, overall length 32mm
    • Medium - Guided length 20mm, overall length 36mm
    • Long - Guided length 24mm, overall length 40mm
  • One 3.1 mm round bur
  • One Instrument Rack

Planning drill sleeve position

Example: The implant bed is to be prepared for an 8 mm implant with a sleeve fixed to the surgical template positioned at 2 mm above bone level (H2). Accordingly, the short drill must be used in order to achieve the required implant bed depth.