A party for the new tooth

Kathrin S., 28, Flight Attendant*

"There are moments you would rather erase from your life. It was shortly after midnight, a year ago on New Year‘s Eve in a bar. I was dancing when the guy next to me suddenly turned around, thereby ramming the thick hard edge of his cocktail glass into my front teeth.

There was blood everywhere, but all my teeth were still in place. On January 2, a day before my birthday, my dentist delivered the diagnosis: a front tooth was cracked along its length and the nerve had been damaged – the tooth had to come out.

An artificial tooth root, an implant, would replace my front tooth.

I was scared before the surgery, but the implanting procedure wasn’t that bad; the wound was just a bit sore once the implant had been inserted. However, before my new front tooth could be fixed to the artificial root, the implant had to heal in. In the meantime, a temporary tooth with a clasp was made for me. It was a wobbly solution. I wanted to talk and laugh without wondering whether anyone would notice that my real front tooth was missing. In the four months without a secure incisor I wasn’t myself, I didn’t feel complete.

Shortly after the new tooth was fixed to the implant, I celebrated with fifteen friends on the banks of the river Elba. The theme of the party? My new tooth’s birthday!"

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