A life-long investment

Robert S., 55, Businessman*

"False teeth at 55? Impossible for me to imagine. For a long time, I’d had a bridge in my upper jaw which was slowly falling apart because more and more teeth were coming loose. The dentist suggested a plate-free removable prosthesis which would be fixed to four implants.

The alternative was a full set of dentures with an upper dental plate. Once all my top teeth had been pulled out and I was wearing temporary dentures with an upper dental plate during the healing stage, all my worst fears came true: the plate made me feel constantly sick and I experienced painful pressure points. The adhesive cream stuck to the palate, but it didn’t really hold the denture in place. I only noticed how hot food actually was when it reached my throat and there was no longer any need to buy expensive wine – it didn’t taste of much.

Now it all feels like a brand new life: there are no pressure points, I finally enjoy eating out again – and my new teeth feel neat and attractive.

As a consequence, I am more comfortable and self-confident. I also remove my current implant-based dentures from my mouth – but only in order to clean my teeth properly. At first glance it’s a lot of money to splash out, but if I look after my new teeth they will last for a long time. Hopefully, they will turn out to be a life-long investment."

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