A savings plan for more confidence

Sarah B., 57, Tax Advisor*


"My problem? Periodontitis. The year before last I only had three of my original top teeth. The solution? Three artificial tooth roots on each side of the upper jaw which would support a rigid twelve-tooth bridge. I wasn’t worried about how bad the pain would be once the implant had been inserted, but of course it was difficult.

During my time with temporary dentures I often feared that they would come out in front of a client and fall into my food, or move towards the back of my mouth. I have two hundred clients and therefore I can’t afford to feel insecure. For me, the implant solution was necessary from a medical point of view as well as for my general well-being

I wanted a tight fixing, security and the feeling of not having to wonder whether I could talk, laugh or eat without having an ‘accident’.

Also, my husband is five years younger than me, so I want to feel attractive and at ease. I therefore consciously opted for fixed dentures. Ten years ago, I decided not to take out additional insurance and instead invested some money in shares each month – which I then used to buy myself a little bit of personal happiness. Shortly after, I opened a new savings plan, since the next set of implants for the lower jaw are to be expected."

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