Building bone for your implant placement

Implants need to be anchored in the jaw bone like natural teeth. If there isn’t sufficient bone available, implants may still be placed with the help of bone augmentation - a treatment currently used to help build up bone.

What does it mean to have a low bone volume?

Sometimes when teeth are lost, the surrounding bone may also deteriorate. If this happens and implants are to be placed, then one solution is to build back the bone.
There is a variety of methods based on individual needs when it comes to bone augmentation, and your dentist will explain in detail should this affect you. Surgeons and dentists are well trained in the standard procedure of simultaneous augmentation and implant treatment.

Bone augmentation - a routine surgery?

Bone augmentation is a standard procedure since over four decades, and it can be done at the time of implant placement. Apart from the surgery taking a few extra minutes, the patient will be unaware.

In some cases, augmentation needs to happen prior to the implant treatment, with a healing time of up to six months before implant placement.
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The procedure and the materials

The bone augmentation procedure allows bone to regrow where there is currently a lack of volume in the area around the implant. This enhances the appearance of the implant crown where it meets the gum line and helps provide the support needed for the implant.
Straumann offers a complete range of synthetic and biological materials to use for this technique – please ask your dentist.