Original components by Straumann make the difference.

When quality really matters to you - original Straumann components are your recommended choice.

The perfect match

Original Straumann® implants and their corresponding components are designed with each other in mind and matched to perfection. Swiss precision engineering and an exceedingly thorough inspection process ensure consistent quality of all original Straumann® components.

Compatible is not original

Third party manufacturers have attempted to copy Straumann prosthetic components claiming ‘compatibility’. However, compatible is not original, and our clinical performance cannot be equaled. Compromises such as poor connections between the implant and the abutment can lead to complications. Would you entrust your health to a “shortcut”?

Only Straumann® can ensure the consistent quality of all original Straumann® components.

“Globally we look back on an almost 40-year clinical success story with Straumann® implants and Straumann® components. The exclusive use of original components has been my choice for the last 25 years, because all patients deserve both uncompromising quality and low risk taking.”

Prof. Dr. Urs Belser

Trust in a clinical long-term proven system

With an almost 40-year clinical success story, Straumann implants and their corresponding Straumann prosthetic components have proven to stand the test of time.

Thanks to consistent evidence-based research, continuous optimizations and our passion for quality, we have made a crucial contribution to making implant dentistry safer.

A 97 % success rate that Straumann® original prosthetic secondary components show after 10 years underlines the exemplary attributes of Straumann® components.

Straumann Classic means assured availability

With Straumann® Classic, we take care of millions of patients who have had Straumann® implants placed with original Straumann® prosthetic components.

By making exact matching prosthetic components available for all our implants from as early as 1974, patients can relax when it comes to repeat restorations.

Excellent service

Exceptional service and support including the Straumann® Guarantee

Benefit from the Straumann® Guarantee1 as we grant you:
  • a lifetime guarantee for implants
  • a 10-year guarantee for metal restorations and
  • a 5-year guarantee for ceramic restorations

1 The Straumann Guarantee is in favor of the attending physician/dentist only and pertains to original Straumann products that have been used exclusively and not in combination with any other manufacturer’s products.