More than success. Backed by science.

60 years of experience and scientific research

We have proven success in the research, development and manufacturing of dental implant solutions. Documented with extensive scientific literature, we are delivering groundbreaking innovations and setting technological benchmarks since 1954. Our scientific and technological achievements have led to numerous innovations in the fields of surface technologies, high performance implant materials and oral regeneration.

We don’t take shortcuts

When it comes to the reliability and security of our implant solutions, we apply the Straumann standard of quality and scientific integrity. Our products have been thoroughly tested and validated in preclinical and clinical studies. As an ethical company, we take responsibility in providing dentists and their patients with products that work and are backed by scientific evidence – for safe and predictable treatment results.

There are many implant systems, but not all are equal

In the last decade, dental implants have become a standard treatment in dentistry, and there are many types being offered by various dental implant companies. But are they offering the same quality, and have these systems been clinically proven in long-term studies? Most patients are not aware of the critical differences between implant systems. Straumann components are manufactured under consideration of internationally accepted quality standards – with high precision and documented clinical research.

Our system is backed by science – can others claim the same?

Some implant systems are offered at a very low price. But do all these implant companies invest in research, development and extensive material testing? Many of them do not and their approval in the market is often based on clinical and scientific data created by others. Straumann, by contrast, invests a significant amount each year in genuine research and product development. Straumann also supports researchers worldwide to help guarantee independent studies and science projects.

Long-term clinical documentation

Straumann is one of the very few implant companies with long-term (> 10 years) clinical documentation of successful products that have been on the market for decades. We have been committed to dental implant research for more than 35 years now, delivering more than 700 published clinical and scientific studies on the Straumann® Dental Implant System1. Studies with more than 450 patients over a period of more than ten years have proved that 98% of these implants were still functional after 10 years, and longer2.

1 According to the PUBMED database query “Straumann Dental Implant OR ITI dental implant”, 733 results as per 6th of October 2014 – with the first entry being “Schroeder A. et al.: The accumulation of osteocementum around a dental implant under physical loading, 1978.”   2List of scientific references: