Faster healing times with SLActive®1- surface innovation from Straumann

Designed to promote faster osseointegration and to provide higher predictability, SLActive® is a central feature in the Straumann® Dental Implant System.

The bonding process

After surgical insertion of your dental implant, the bonding process (osseointegration) takes about six to eight weeks. In this time, the soft tissue regenerates and the implant fuses with the bone.  Ultimately the required stability is achieved so the implant can bear weight like a natural tooth. Healing time varies with each individual.

Straumann® SLActive® may reduce healing time

The scientists at Straumann have researched the possibilities of reducing healing time after insertion without additional risk to the implant integration. The result is Straumann® SLActive®, the clinically proven dental implant surface.

How does SLActive® work?

SLActive® reduces risk during the critical early treatment by accelerating and optimizing implant integration. The bone formation process is initiated earlier, resulting in radically improved stability.

With conventional surfaces, implants are exposed to a higher risk of failure due to an overall stability dip between weeks 2-4. This risk is greatly reduced with SLActive® technology.


The phases of stability during the healing process

Primary stability

When your implant is placed, it has a certain primary stability. In the first four weeks after surgery, the bone around it consolidates and reconstructs, aiming for the next milestone -secondary stability.

Secondary stability

This phase is very important, since primary stability has to be high enough following implantation to ensure proper osseointegration. When secondary stability has reached its peak (three-six months), the implant can bear full weight.

Hydrophilicity – the technology behind SLActive®

What does Straumann® SLActive surface have to do with the stability of your dental implant during the healing phase?

1.     Straumann implants with SLActive® surface are hydrophilic. This means that the implant surface is highly wettable, absorbing blood fluid significantly faster than a surface without SLActive®.

2.     With these hydrophilic and other chemically active properties, SLActive® promotes faster osseointegration, leading to earlier secondary stability.

3.     Healing time may be halved, allowing you to have your denture sooner so that you can laugh, speak and kiss again with confidence.

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