Regain good quality of life with a fixed Straumann implant-borne solution

Even the best conventional prosthesis will always be a foreign body in your mouth that requires extensive care.  In contrast, an implant-borne denture will stay securely in place, looks natural and needs less care.

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Looks do matter to you!

A made-to-match natural smile

When we talk about healthy teeth, it is not only their function to which we refer. Teeth play a central role in your physical appearance and smiling is also good for your health. For this reason, Straumann restorations are made to match your natural teeth and give you back your smile.

Getting back your self-confidence

Fixed restoration with 4 implants, posterior are tilted

Fixed restoration with 4-6 implants, all straight

Dental implant treatment can bring back esthetics, comfort and quality of life. This has a positive impact on your self-confidence and overall mental health, with teeth that look, feel and function like your natural ones.

Implants help to maintain the shape of your face

Aside from regaining tooth functionality, a natural-looking and perfectly fitting restoration has a big impact on your face. Because implants mirror the actions of a natural tooth, the chewing power is transferred back to the jaw bone. This stimulation helps to maintain the health of the jaw bone and in turn, the shape of your face.

Dental implant therapy is the treatment of choice

The decision to replace your missing teeth with an implant-borne fixed denture from Straumann is an excellent investment in your appearance and oral health.

Straumann can help you to enhance your quality of life by finding the right solution to:

  • Restore functionality
  • Improve your smile
  • Lift your confidence

What is a dental implant

Making your choice

Bone preservation

Regain good quality of life

An implant-borne solution can bring back a good quality of life that was missing since losing your teeth.

In addition, your ability to eat, speak and laugh is improved while your physical appearance is enhanced.

An attractive and effective solution with many advantages

With the help of Straumann components, missing teeth in either the upper or lower jaw may be replaced with a full-arch dental bridge supported by four-six dental implants.

These implants provide secure and lasting support for the bridge and artificial teeth. Depending on the individual case, temporary artificial bridges can be delivered on the day of surgery, or soon after.

You are only a few steps away

If you have suffered from loss of teeth and wish to replace your denture with a fixed solution, this is the procedure you should expect:
STEP 1: Examination and planning

Your expectations and health conditions are clarified. These are the basis of your personal treatment plan.

STEP 2: Surgery and temporary

The implants are placed and an impression is taken. Depending on your individual needs, the dentist may choose to place a temporary solution over the arch immediately.

STEP 3: Impression-taking and final restoration

After an impression is taken, the final prosthesis is created. This will be placed in your mouth once the implants are fully healed.