Tissue regeneration

Many adults - and not only elderly patients - suffer from gum recession and gum disease. Read more about the importance of keeping your teeth and surrounding tissues healthy.

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Gum recession, often unnoticed

It is important to identify and treat gum recession early. Left unchecked, recession could worsen to a point where the root becomes unprotected and teeth may be compromised and lost.

Gum disease, early warning signs

Many adults suffer from gum disease during their lives without realising it. Swollen, reddened or bleeding gums may be the first signs in the early stages of the disease. If you notice anything unusual, seek an individual consultation with your dentist.

Preventing loose teeth

Usually, healthy teeth are firmly anchored and do not come loose. To keep your periodontium healthy and intact, good dental hygiene is an important prerequisite. Removing plaque regularly and thoroughly is therefore very important to prevent your teeth from coming loose.